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STARBABY: Where Did It All Begin?

Flashback to 2013

Picture this. The year is 2013 and New York Fashion Week is in full swing. While the rest of the world is wearing studded boots with chains and droopy waterfall cardigans, STARBABY hosted our first fashion show in collaboration with Janique. Now in 2022, STARBABY has been going strong for nine years. In those nine years, our CEO Jordan Elizabeth Gelber has had the time to reflect on how the business has changed and where it all began.

Where did it all begin?

Jordan had always dreamed of owning her own company. Her love of acting and business inspired her to create a digital marketing strategy that can be accessible to everyone in the industry. Whether you are a performer, producer, or fashion designer, Jordan knew there was a need for digital marketing, thus STARBABY was born.

Her love for fashion led her to host a fashion week event with the brand Janique. Kourosh Babain, the brand's designer, also had a passion for the arts as his original dream was to be on Broadway. The two shared this passion for the arts and fashion and it was only fitting that they would work together on STARBABY’s first fashion week.

How has STARBABY changed since 2022?

Well, the world of social media and digital marking has changed and STARBABY is constantly evolving to not only adapt, but stay at the forefront of innovative strategies. Our goal is to abide by the three crucial business operating principles that our CEO and our team live by. The first is that every event, no matter how positive or negative, serves as a lesson. The second is that since every connection counts, relationships are crucial. Lastly, have no issues asking questions. Our team has grown significantly by following these rules and gathering as much knowledge as we can along our journey.

If you'd like to see the latest updates on how our team’s strategies have grown, click the link here!

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