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4 Moments From Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 23: Bella Hadid, Doja Cat, and More

Coperni Shows The Future With The Help of Bella Hadid

The Coperni Fashion show made waves throughout social media for their unique art performance on top model Bella Hadid. It’s said that Hadid could look stunning in a garbage bag…. but how about in synthetic polymer? The Parisian fashion brand had the idea of displaying a “spray-on dress” that when sprayed, clings to the body, and hardens into a solid form. This solid-form synthetic polymer dress can then be turned back into solution, and sprayed again. This demonstrates the potential “future of fashion” with visions of more sustainability and versatility in fashion.

Doja Cat’s “Bruised” Makeup Look

Doja Cat filmed a “get ready with me” style video on Vogue’s Youtube Channel where she explains her look for the Balenciaga show. In this video, she confesses it’s her first time attending fashion week and that it is a lot harder than it looks. Doja expresses her exhaustion through makeup and used her face as a “canvas” to apply false bruises and gashes onto her face. She finishes the look with a long black gown and a matching handbag. Although this makeup approach is unconventional for an event like Paris Fashion Week, Doja’s creativity expresses her refusal to conform.

Balenciaga’s Keeping Fashion Week “Grounded”

Balenciaga staged their SS 2023 Fashion Week show on a runway transformed into a mud pit. Balenciaga’s creative director Denma explained that the display was a metaphor for “digging for the truth and being down to earth.” Balenciaga claims they are no longer going to directly explain their designs, but rather “express a state of mind.” Balenciaga is famous for its unorthodox approaches to fashion, but with this latest show, they effectively express the importance of the message as well as their uniqueness through the clothes they design.

Cher’s Closing Appearance at Balmain

Closing out Bailmains SS 2023 season the one and only Cher graced the stage in a beautiful chrome jumpsuit. She effortlessly matched the line which combines menswear, womenswear, and couture in a futuristic style. At the age of 76, the Goddess of Pop walked the stage with designer Olivier Rousteing to thank attendees as the crowd roared with applause.

As Paris Fashion Week has come to an end, fashion lovers across the globe have highlights like these to reflect on. This year will go down in history for the many brands’ common theme of sustainability for the betterment of our future. While Fashion Week can be entertaining and exhilarating, it can also leave you with important messages to take with you after each show ends. What can we take away from all of this?

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