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Tranoï Spring/Summer 23 Seoul Fashion Week Features Korean Fashion Brands LIE, Ulkin, and Kumann

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

The South Korean Fashion scene has made its mark at this year’s Paris Fashion Week. Tranoï hosted a three-brand fashion show featuring the brands LIE, Kumann Yoo Hye Jin, and Ulkin. Tranoï reinforced its partnership with Seoul with the intention of being the “creative hub” of fashion week where attendees can come and “discover new brands.” The brands' Spring 2023 collections did not disappoint; so here's a little bit about each of them.


The brand’s name stands for “Life is an Expression” and, since its release in 2012, is referred to as “a force to be reckoned with” by Nylon Magazine. LIE’s Spring 2023 showcased unconventional silhouettes on tailored clothes. The collared shirts were made boxy with the help of pronounced shoulder pads, which drew the eye to the clothes rather than the body wearing them. With the help of the neutral color palette, the designs were everyday wear while maintaining their individuality.

Kumann Yoo Hye Jin

Kumman Yoo Hye Jin, also referred to as Kumman YHJ, is another brand featured at Tranoï this season. They are a ready-to-wear brand that maximizes elevating basics. Their Spring collection held more neutral tones and muted tones. Many brands this year have been taking their own approach to trench coats. Kumann Yoo Hye Jin outdid themselves with bold shoulders and atypical silhouettes on their coats and shirts. With their beautifully unique pieces, Kumann Yoo Hye Jin will remain untouchable when it comes to tailored staples this year.


Ulkin’s Spring 2023 line, much like Kumann and Lie’s, is drastically different than the other lines featured at Tranoï’s three-brand fashion show. Ulkin’s Spring 2023 line is inspired by “mankind,” according to Designer Seongdong Lee, and aimed to be eco-friendly by upcycling. The collection displayed is 2023 streetwear with common themes of black, fringe, black heeled boots, and denim. From mini skirts to matching sets, Ulkin does not miss a beat. Ulkin has set a precedent for sustainability with its latest collection and knows that other brands will follow in their footsteps in making the world a more eco-friendly and fashionable place.

Each collection was unique and true to its brand, yet works cohesively together to shine a light on South Korean fashion. But what truly makes the show so unique is its ability to collectively gather people with fashion passions across the world. Fashion does not have a rule book, doesn't have a race, gender or size. It is art. And this season, Tranoï was the museum.

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