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NOVA H1 Audio Earrings: The Future of Audio Technology

As we are living through a rapid evolution of technology, advances in this industry are being made in efficiency and aesthetic appeal. Cameras are getting smaller, computers are becoming sleeker, and tech gadgets overall are becoming easier to implement into our daily lives. We see this transition present in the evolution of streaming music and wireless listening. However, there is a revolution coming to the audio gadget market, and they may just change the world.


In 2001, Apple released wired earbuds that came packed with the iPod. These wired earbuds were revolutionary at the time. Due to their release, you were now able to listen discreetly to music as opposed to the clunky headphones of the 90s. Earbud users were now able to listen discreetly on their commute, at work, at the gym, and anywhere else they pleased. Looking back, now that we are aware of the advancements made in technology, earbuds were not the best sound quality and not that convenient due to the attached wire. But at the time, everyone was raving about and sporting this new invention in portable listening until the wireless earphone.

The AirPods

2019 welcomed the launch of the AirPod. AirPods included everything we love about the Apple earbuds’ discreet design and easy accessibility with devices and excluded everything we did not like, tangling and restrictive wires. The public had worries about this device when hearing about the new design. Many believed they were too discreet that the average person would misplace them. These worries were taken into consideration and solved by including a chargeable carrying case that holds the device.

But there are still issues with AirPods

Since its launch, Apple has not made any huge advancements in the AirPods design. Improvements in sound quality, waterproof mode, and varying colors have been a few of the notable adjustments. However, many still have their issues with the current model. They have complained about the AirPods inability to stay in one's ear, as the plastic molding doesn't fit every ear shape, and is slippery on the skin. The style of the AirPods has always had a sport and tech feel to the design. Women especially aren't always a huge fan of the sporty style that AirPods give. Not only how they look but how easily it can be to become distracted and not pay attention to your surroundings when wearing wireless earphones. Luckily enough, we have found a company that has crafted an "earringphone" (the unofficial name we at Starbaby made up), designed by women, for women.


The NOVA H1 Audio Earrings are the first earphones made into jewelry. Just 3 years later, we have reached new advancements with technology, patented by NOVA called Directional Sound. This allows you to hear your music or make phone calls without the fear of others hearing. They have developed an entirely new category of earphones, with their now-out-of-ear technology, another revolutionary tech advancement. The earring comes in two styles, a clip-on or stud version making them one of the smallest earphones in the world. They combine tech and style something the CEO Laurence Gaubert’s, said she often felt she needed to compromise on.

“As a woman, I often questioned why I had to choose between tech and style. Up until this point, audio devices have been made by and for men and the female option has been reduced to a color option. We, at NOVA, aimed to create a product that was stylish yet functional. And we did that by considering the preferences of all women out there, placing these women at the forefront of our development process”.

What Happens Now?

One may argue that the world has advanced significantly in terms of new technology endeavors, but more tech businesses need to put women at the forefront of their minds while developing products. We are happy to see NOVA and its team keep women safe and stylish. Thank you NOVA for allowing us to try out and share with the public the most cutting-edge and fashionable audio technology. The world is grateful for your contribution to the future of fashion and tech.

The NOVA H1 Audio Earrings are out now! We know you will love them as much as we do.

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