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Content marketing is here to stay, and if you haven’t begun investing in video content solutions, you’ll get left behind. Popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok lead the way in the short-form vertical video - where does that leave room for YouTube? 


There are a variety of platforms you can choose from when it comes to digital marketing, and YouTube is a platform for directly distributing original video content. A YouTube channel today is one of the best places to promote your business, branding, and company ethos.


When aligned with your regular digital marketing strategy and the ability to distribute original video content, the platform is an excellent way for businesses to get in front of as many people as possible.


Online video solutions, OTT networks, and video-streaming platforms like Youtube are growing exponentially. With YouTube’s daily heavy traffic, you can easily reach your audience, keep them engaged, and educate them about your business or industry. 


Another benefit to YouTube is its higher visibility on Google and the ability to increase the online authority of your business. It has been shown that Google ranks videos as necessary as text-only pages. So, by creating videos on YouTube that complement your website content or blogs on your site, you’ll get found on Google more often and rank higher in the search results.


Services include; channel development and management, business promotion, video editing, script writing, storyboards, SEO Optimization, cross-channel collaboration, organic growth and viewer engagement, advertising, and backlinks.


YouTube Goals: promote business, diversify traffic sources, build an email list, higher conversion rates, client steerage, get your business in front of your target audience nationally and internationally, 


Developing a YouTube channel for your business provides your audience with a new way to consume information about your company. 

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Channel Development & Management

Video marketing has become the leading and most effective form of content marketing in a world where content is king. A presence on YouTube is a great way to expand your brand reach. We create original channels for brands, businesses, and individuals, developing interactive, educational, or entertaining videos that keep the audience engaged.


Branding Your Channel

Everything from custom thumbnails, descriptions, and end cards is essential to your YouTube growth. The main images viewers see when navigating through YouTube are video thumbnails. Therefore, having eye-catching signage on your thumbnail can significantly impact your video views and clicks.


Video Development & Editing

Creating interactive, educational, or entertaining videos will engage potential and current customers. Our team provides video development, editing, and animation services for the YouTube channel. Other services include; writing your video script and storyboarding a video series. Suggested Video Types: Educational or Tutorial Videos, Customer Testimonials, Demonstrations, Interviews, and Project Reviews.


YouTube SEO Optimization

When your YouTube channel is up and running, you can easily optimize your videos for Google. Optimizing your video’s metadata is the best way to rank high within search results on both YouTube and Google. Your video metadata includes; the video title, thumbnail, description, tags, and captions. We use keyword research tools to identify the best topics and trends to present on your YouTube channel. We track our results through video analytics and provide real-time results.


Building Your Email List

Along with valuable and engaging content, available software easily integrates with YouTube to build your email list. For example, you can embed a sign-up or subscription form into Youtube videos, run Youtube ads, and use lead magnets.


Go Live

YouTube is a video-streaming platform that can broadcast live content to viewers. Live events, streaming in-person experiences, and virtual events are great ways to interact with your audience. Going live allows the audience to participate with Youtube users with real-time reactions and feedback.

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