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A 360 Holistic Campaign is about a cohesive message. It’s about ensuring that every aspect of your business is properly set up and automated to streamline your success. At Starbaby, we specialize in creating 360 solutions for our clients to support every avenue of success.


A 360 Holistic Campaign is about a cohesive message. It’s about ensuring that every aspect of your business is properly set up and automated to streamline your success. 

The idea behind a 360 marketing campaign or business plan is developing a strategy that puts your messaging and brand in direct reach of your customers at any or all possible points of contact.


A holistic approach to your campaign connects every forward-facing part of your business to work as one united strategy. 


To be successful at a 360-degree solution, you need to maximize your current brand resources and create new pathways to engage directly with your target market. It’s more than putting your business in front of customers; it’s discovering unique ways to present your brand, refine your audience, and direct traffic to a cohesive message.

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You spot an ad for a new book by a motivational speaker in your Facebook newsfeed and then you see a video about the summary of the book on Youtube.


You notice an interview of the author and video summary clipped as a sponsored post on Instagram and you click the link to find out more - it takes you to a landing page specifically designed for the campaign to pre-order the book.


After you make your pre-order purchase, you start receiving emails leading up to the book launch and information about similar programs as well as upcoming speaking events you might be interested in.


Whether you’ve realized it or not - you’ve probably encountered and been affected by a 360 campaign more than once. The best-executed campaigns are so well done that most consumers don’t even realize it.

A well-organized 360 Holistic Marketing Campaign hits the following areas of a business from an outreach and foundation perspective:


  • Creation - Customized Content for all platforms with a clear message throughout the website, social media, and PR.


  • Conversation - Power of Authentic conversation with proactive and reactive content distribution mirroring the brand message. By engaging with your customer base and speaking to them directly. (ex. Reddit, Discord, Linkedin)


  • Conversion - Taking control of your sales funnels from concept to closing while retaining customer steerage. (ex. Drip Campaigns, CRM, Click Funnels)


It’s not just about distributing content by activating it. When it feels like a brand is everywhere, you want to discover more about it, you want to understand who and what they are about. 


At Starbaby, we take targeted integrated marketing strategies to bigger heights by consistently distributing your message across all the right places, platforms, and avenues.

WHY 360?

Because it’s never just one thing.

In 2020, after experiencing firsthand how fragmented the digital agency industry had become, we evolved Starbaby into a one-stop shop for all marketing and business development needs. 


We realized that the best way to achieve success for our clients is to offer a 360-degree approach. In doing so, we are able to generate more meaningful interactions for their customers.


When we take away the headache of managing the campaigns, our clients feel supported knowing that when their target market sees a social media campaign, the tagline on an advertisement, or when they navigate their website - the messaging is clear throughout.

Starbaby is a communications agency that specializes in marketing, business development, and content creation, with an extensive network in the realms of media, tech, and lifestyle industries.

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