Darviny D has had a rich and varied existence, yet it took becoming a mother at the age of 45, going through a metamorphosis from free spirit to juggling the busy nature of family life, for her to fully realize her calling. Darviny D is here to help women who have lost themselves learn to embrace the magic of every day wonders, recapture their sense of adventure and Discover the Simple Pleasures of a Life Well Lived™.


A lifestyle connoisseur with decades of experience as a restauranteur and a kundalini yoga teacher, Darviny has a strong understanding of the principles of fitness, nutrition & meditation and empowers her audience to take care of their health and wellbeing by finding a balance between clean eating and occasional indulgences.


From her provincial life in the south of France, where her love of French cooking and fine dining was nurtured, to her spiritual awakening as a devotee of the Kundalini Yoga Master, Yogi Bhajan, whom she lived with & studied under the direct supervision of for many years, it’s no wonder that Darviny has made it her life’s mission to help others rediscover their Inner Awesome Girl™, making sure they Look Good, Feel Good & still Have Fun along the way!


Darviny is on a quest to make sure that the Inner Awesome Girl™ inside all of us has her chance to shine through and make an impact on the world, because life is far too short to live it in the shadows. It’s time to lighten up, embrace the whimsical nature of our beings and Be Obsessively Grateful™ for the rich blessings we have in our lives!


The Love, Darviny Show


Written & Directed by: Jordan Elizabeth Gelber & Tom Kohut

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