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In today’s digital world, social media is the behemoth of marketing solutions - it has become a staple in every industry, a sign of brand relevancy. It is one of the most influential resources for digital marketing and research. 


Social media is only as successful as the strategy behind it. A strong brand narrative, high-quality original content, authentic messaging, and a structured content calendar will garner the best results. 


When used strategically over time, the strength of social media influence has a powerful impact on your target audience. The beauty of social media is that it is your brand’s 24/7 distribution platform. You can post content through your social channels, engage with your audience, and increase brand exposure how you want.


Social media is one of the best ways for customers to engage with companies by connecting with content directly. Consumers today have more power over their customer experience; if they feel constantly being sold to or spammed with too much information, they will reject your brand.  


At Starbaby, we take over the responsibility of content development, creation, and management. In addition, we work with the leading social platforms to establish a strong presence and connect directly with audience engagement and conversions.


Social Media Platforms; Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube.


Services include; content calendar development, social media management, content curation, copywriting, design, video editing, and SEO-rich posts with the leading keywords, phrases, and topics.


Social Media Goals: increase brand awareness, drive organic traffic, build an audience of real followers, customer conversion, direct sales and engagement, brand recognition, and authority.


To increase the success of our 360-degree marketing campaigns, we develop a content marketing calendar to organize and manage your social media assets.


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Content Curation & Creation

Social media marketing strategy is the art of creating content and curating content that generates results. Whether visual, textual, or both, our content mirrors the company’s SEO strategy - focusing on the leading keywords, topics, phrases, questions, and timely social content.


Content Calendar

There are so many social media platforms that it can be hard to manage. Content calendars are a great way to make effective social media campaigns easy to manage. Doing so makes it easier to coordinate campaigns, ensure brand consistency, monitor growth, and engagement, and increase productivity.


Social Proofing

Establish your credibility with business social proofing through Instagram. As the leading social media platform, building social proof for your brand increases your followers and online visibility. With more followers, more of your audience will recognize your value and show your positive worth. In addition, you increase your peer approval and customer purchases by having a solid online presence and audience.


Social Media KPI

KPIs are key performance indicators that help you determine whether your social media efforts are effective. They are important because they are a good measure of whether your content is achieving your brand's goals. They may also demonstrate which social media strategies work best while also demonstrating why digital marketing is so effective.  Some examples of KPIs are reach, impressions, and engagement.


Profile Management & Engagement

One of our most unique services is direct engagement and profile management. We can increase brand advocacy by engaging with customers directly across all social media channels. The benefit of social media networks is the ability to contact current, past, and potential customers directly. As a result, we aim to increase the likelihood of our original content being shared, generate “buzz,” and extend our network reach.



Video marketing has become the leading and most effective form of content marketing in a world where content is king. With the growth of TikTok, Instagram Reels, and even Youtube Shorts, having a robust social presence is based on your video output. Many social platforms favor video content over static or solely text-based posts. Creating interactive, educational, or entertaining videos will engage potential and current customers.

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