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Starbaby is a communications agency specializing in marketing, business development, and content creation, with an extensive network in the media, tech, and lifestyle industries.


We are passionate about alleviating the pressures of our clients when it comes to business development or digital marketing. Our agency is a one-stop shop for generating brand awareness and building a relationship directly with your customer. 

Below is a breakdown of our service highlights, each in-house department is structured to answer these questions:


  • Where does your brand place within your target market?

  • What social media platforms are most effective for your business outreach?

  • Do you know where customers are currently engaging with your brand?

  • What role does your brand represent in your customer’s lives?

  • How is your target audience finding you and how are you staying connected with them?

  • Is your current marketing campaign sustainable? 

  • Are all avenues of your business model structured to support your outreach strategies?


To find out more, book a meeting with one of our leading representatives and receive a free brand consult with a member of our team.



As a leading content and marketing agency, we create content-related branding solutions for businesses to magnify their online presence.

A business without a sign is a sign of no business, and in today's world, you can't afford to look like an amateur. Our in-house branding and marketing team works closely with each client to establish their brand identity (or give it a facelift!) through original marketing materials, social media strategies, and even influencer outreach. We are a full-service agency with a rebranding, content development, photography, graphic design, and creative strategy team ready to suit your needs.

Services Include: Brand Development & Positioning, Social Media, Content Strategy & Distribution, Affiliate Marketing, and Photo & Video Production.



Our in-house development and design team create professionally designed, user-friendly websites that establish a long-lasting impression of authority and trust.

The user experience is paramount to the success of a site. We ensure that your website is secure, mobile responsive, easy to use, and compliant with Google’s rules. In addition, our SEO strategies provide that your website is visible in search results and steady organic traffic.

Services Include: Single Static Pages, Plain Text, Complex Web applications, electronic businesses & e-commerce solutions, UX/UI, Front-end web design, Back-end maintenance & Management, SEO, and Customer Tracking.



At Starbaby, we specialize in our 360 solutions to digital marketing and marketing campaigns.

A holistic approach to your marketing plan ensures that your messaging is cohesive, clear, and consistent throughout your business platforms. Additionally, with the growth of technology and social media, there are myriad ways to reach your customer and have meaningful interactions.


We integrate the leading digital marketing solutions such as social media, affiliate marketing, email, Google ads, and content creation, into a robust 360 marketing plan. By utilizing a 360-degree solution to your marketing campaign your customer can reach you at every possible point of contact.

Services Include: Social Media, PPC, Google Ads, Email Marketing, content creation, drip campaigns.



We help our clients create an established presence in the online world, with our full library of digital products and outreach solutions.

We help our clients create an established presence in the online world with our full library of digital products and outreach solutions- including web design, SEO, application development, and our in-house OTT department. By targeting digital strategies in the OTT (Over the Top) space, we are able to give our clients leverage in their industry with an automatic presence on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, IOS, and Android.

Services Include: Website Development, SEO, Custom, Measurement & Analytics, OTT Network Development & Distribution.



Build credibility and trust with your audience by humanizing your content marketing efforts on community and discussion-based platforms.

Social media is not the only solution to the brand presence and increasing brand value. Social media's "social" aspect allows users to participate in a genuine discussion and communicate directly with brands, individuals, and projects daily. We have discovered that other communities and social-based platforms such as Discord or Reddit are increasing as a unique addition to your outreach plan. 


We provide community-building services on these platforms and directly engage with your target audience. As a result, they have become an excellent source for generating leads and giving your community members genuine value. In addition, community and discussion-based platforms, such as these, have also become a powerful distribution channel for engaging with your original content. 


Services Include: Reddit, Discord, LinkedIn Groups, Facebook Groups, Forums, and Quora.


Starbaby is a communications agency that specializes in marketing, business development, and content creation, with an extensive network in the realms of media, tech, and lifestyle industries.