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While it may be more “obvious” only to create content for the typical platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, there is a huge and untapped audience on Reddit. 

Reddit has over 430 million monthly active users so it shouldn’t be too surprising that this is another great avenue to reach potential clients. 


There are over 3.1 million subreddits on Reddit covering a wide range of industries and topics, and many of those are filled with the exact audience you are looking for. 


With the same content that would be created for the more typical social media, you can retool and use this platform’s various subreddits. 


Services Include: current strategy audit, creating and managing a subreddit, engaging in other subreddits, creating inbox marketing campaigns, and using subreddits like r/polls to gather data. 

Reddit Goals: Grow an engaged audience, develop a cohesive brand, increase brand awareness, generate leads and sales, and establish your brand as an authority in the industry.



Reddit is not commonly used as a marketing tool, but we can use a myriad of tools to increase your brand’s awareness.

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Create Reddit Boards and Organize a Subreddit

You can create your own board or subreddit and organize what content goes up and the rules of the entire community. You can create and manage daily content for your subreddit, but you can also moderate what others are allowed to post in that content. This way, you have a controlled environment, which can foster a targeted audience that would be interested in your product.



You can engage with other subreddits. You are beginning conversations, whether it’s upvoting other content or replying to comments. These conversations can blossom into connections that may connect you to a group of people who may be interested in your service. Moreover, you can post in other subreddits and lead them to your subreddit or directly to your product. You can go directly to the niches you want and find potential clients there.


Manage Inbox

When you actively engage in your own subreddit or others, this encourages people to not only publicly respond to your content and interactions but also reach out to you in your inbox. They may have a question for you or want to continue a conversation privately. Regardless, this is precisely the opportunity you wouldn’t get anywhere else: developing a genuine connection that can potentially usher you to a new network of leads. You can also create a marketing campaign in inboxes to people you find in a specific niche because you believe they would be interested in your product.


Multiple Profiles

Unlike other platforms, where it may not be easy to create multiple profiles, it’s relatively easy on Reddit. You can create multiple accounts that can represent different voices, i.e., an official representative for the company, a representative for the CEO, and a spokesperson for someone who is just an active participant fo the industry you work in. You can pick and choose which voice is most appropriate by having multiple voices.

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