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What is OTT and Why Should You Care?

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

OTT stands for Over-The-Top. OTT refers to any video content that is delivered through the internet. Popular forms of OTT include streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video. This video delivery method allows for the streaming of TV shows and movies without the need for traditional broadcast, cable, or satellite pay-TV providers.

In 2022, 57% of consumers get their television content through digital streaming. And only 26% use cable or linear TV.

OTT services are typically monetized via paid subscriptions, but there are exceptions. For example, some OTT platforms like Aperteur might offer in-app purchases or advertising.

Why Should You Care about OTT?

OTT is the future of video viewing thanks to its accessibility, control, and cost. Let’s break it down:


OTT allows viewers to watch what they want, wherever they want. Viewers can watch TV or movies from apps or web browsers on their mobile devices, tablet, laptop, and Smart TVs. Many OTT platforms also have more accessibility features than cable such as closed-captioning, Audio descriptions for people with hearing impairment (audio descriptions such as background noises or background tracks), and language availability.


Viewers want to have control over the programs they watch–even if it means paying more–which is why 50% of OTT users have multiple subscriptions to different platforms. OTT provides the flexibility for consumers to choose the plan or subscription they’d like, optimizing user freedom.


OTT allows viewers to save money by ditching cable subscriptions while improving their experience. Through OTT platforms, subscribers can choose plans with shows they’re interested in. Many platforms with paid subscriptions include ad-supported plans and ad-free plans for a higher cost.

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