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New York Fashion Week: Where It Started And How It's Changed

History of Fashion Week

Fashion week. Despite being a global phenomenon, little is known about what actually happens at fashion week or how it became renowned.

The year was 1941, Paris, the center of fashion and design, was occupied by Germany. As a result, America had the chance to build its own fashion industry. Eleanor Lambert, a press director for the New York Dress Institute, saw this as an opportunity and permanently transformed the fashion industry.

She developed the concept of creating a publicized event called Fashion Press Week to promote American fashion and up-and-coming designers. Designers like Claire McCardell and Anne Klein had the chance to shine by showcasing their creations to the press and the press shared it with the world. The very first one took place at New York’s famous The Plaza hotel in 1943. Later these designers would go on to earn notice in Vogue, a huge success for American creatives at the time.

How It’s Changed

This event eventually became known as New York Fashion Week and helped launch the career of legends like Oscar de la Renta, Ralph Lauren, and many others. The event expanded beyond just The Plaza and led to the creation of other world-renowned fashion events like Paris Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week.

While the event was originally only for the press, it is now open to Hollywood's elite, pop stars, influencers, and industry insiders. Moreover, in the last couple of years, events can also now be attended virtually by people who do not receive exclusive invitations.

New York Fashion Week has changed many times in 80 years and Eleanor Lambert was right about many things. The power of PR is undeniable. With the help of PR and a great mind, any designer, company, or brand, can skyrocket into history.

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