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Discord has changed a lot since its launch in 2015. It was formerly a tool used exclusively by passionate gamers. Still, it has evolved into a well-liked platform for various types of businesses and individuals, ranging from crypto investors to fashion design. 


Platforms like Discord are untapped potential for genuine conversation and interaction with your customer base. It’s a great place to promote fundamental values, authentic communication, and exclusive sales. 

Discord is a platform for all ages and demographics from around the world. By setting a clear plan for your company goals, offerings, and brand purpose - you can maximize the platform for client steerage and brand influence.


At Starbaby,  our 360-degree marketing solutions are about discovering every possible entry point to connect with your target audience. We go more profound than the mainstream platforms by finding and utilizing other areas that disrupt the way you talk about your industry. 


In addition to the more typical social media of Instagram, TikTok, Linkedin, and Twitter, there is an entirely different, untapped audience on Discord. 


Through Discord, we work with various servers from different industries that allow us to target a myriad of audiences; technology, NFTs, business development, and creative media. Moreover, through our in-house management team, we can ensure a consistent strategy that engages with users 24/7.


Services Include: current strategy audit, creating and managing a server, engaging in other servers, creating Discord messaging marketing campaigns ads, and using bots. 

Discord Goals: Grow an engaged audience, develop a cohesive brand, increase brand awareness, generate leads and sales, and establish your brand as an authority in the industry.



Discord as a cornerstone in your marketing strategy means providing community members with real value. You can develop strong relationships with community members and even broker sales. Building engagement is only a taste of what can be done. Discord also has many tools that enhance the Discord experience and exemplify why Discord is a great marketing tool.

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Brand Server Development

One of the main components of a successful Discord marketing strategy is having your own server. At Starbaby, we create a unique server for your brand, or we can manage the current server should you already have one. The goal is to create a community for your brand and develop customized channels based on your company’s needs.


Community Building

Building a server is one aspect of your Discord marketing strategy. Collaboration is vital, and you need to know your audience. Therefore, it is crucial to join other Discord communities to build your community/audience on the platform. You can also utilize Discord to get community member insight, crowd geography, demographic, member retention, and engagement. We build your community by engaging with different communities, sharing original content, and providing links to your offerings, projects, and upcoming virtual or in-person events.


Data Mining

You can gather factual information through the Discord communities and have honest conversations with your audience. The goal is to understand your audience, create relevant messaging, and discover what influences your customer’s actions. By increasing engagement, sharing content, and educating communities about your brand - you can gauge the audience response to increase or improve your marketing efforts.


Content Creation & Management

Through the community-building process, we can asses user engagements based on the content styles, products, and messaging shared with the audience. We create custom content relevant to your brand goals and will influence the community you’re targeting. Delivering content that explains your company or project provides the best outcomes from our Discord marketing strategies. Being the conversation starter, information provider, and community manager - supports our “Control Your Narrative” mission.



One of the leading methods for community growth and engagement is special discounts and giveaways. Giveaways are a sustainable way to build your community and traffic to your project. To increase the success of every giveaway, we provide a giveaway bot that assists in moderating the campaign.


Bot Management

Discord has various bot applications that assist in managing your server and communities. 


  • Spam Bot  - Moderator bot that keeps spam profiles out, ensures discussions stay on track, and removes spam or hateful speech. The bot will fill in the gaps of the day-to-day, so if anybody wants to spam anything off-topic at any time, it will automatically be removed.

  • News Bot  - This bot can link to socials and post updates on the Discord channels of choice. For example, if a client sends a tweet, we can have a Twitter feed section in Discord. The bot will automatically grab new tweets and push the links to the channel. Helpful for audiences that may not be on each social, so they don’t miss out on any information


  • Game Bot - There are simple text-based games that robots have that use your Discord profile as the character; you can play cards and other activities that keep engagement high in Discord. If a Discord member wanted to play one of the activities, they would have to go to your specific server. 


  • Giveaway Bot - Through an easy setup, the bot can help you create a giveaway for the Discord audience. All the audience has to do is react to the giveaway message, and the bot does the rest. It even picks and pings a winner with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place!

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