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Linkedin is one of the most versatile and valuable tools in today's employment, job seeking, and work culture environment. You can connect with people all over the world and relate to them based on their work experience, current job, and current position, and promote your business and efforts in a professional and respectable setting.


LinkedIn is not always seen as a business tool but as a social media platform with a professional coating. But its uses are far more impactful than most would even realize. For example, it's our leading strategy for building personal branding, reputation manager, and CEO profiles.


We make the most of every feature of this platform by developing a 360-degree marketing strategy and customizing it to meet your every need.

This platform is about authentic communication and conversation. Consumers today want to feel connected to the individuals behind the brand, not just the company itself or the products you have to offer.


Services Include: social media posts, blogs, newsletters, polls, drip campaigns, messaging, engagement, white papers, and lead lists. 


LinkedIn Goals: Grow an engaged audience, develop a cohesive brand, increase brand awareness, generate leads and sales, and establish your brand as an authority in the industry. 


Here at Starbaby, we utilize LinkedIn as one of our most reliable and diligent business strategies, and within that strategy, there are six major components to it.



 Nearly every Professional in the world is on LinkedIn. Directly engage with your target B2B partners, media, customers, and more with LinkedIn.

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Content Creation

We work on developing the social media presentational side of LinkedIn by producing content. This comes in the form of consistent content that highlights your brand, company, and services while also underlining certain messages you want to get out. With this strategy, you can work on building an audience and developing a sound image and brand of your company that you can utilize in tandem with your business practices.


Organic Growth & Engagement

Once you know what you want to sell and to which employment demographic, you can work on creating an engagement strategy. We specialize in determining whom to connect with for which product or service, engaging in conversation or booking a meeting, and steering each lead to begin a transactional initiation. Then, once you connect with a professional on LinkedIn, thus grabbing their attention, you can educate them about what you do and what you have to offer.


Direct Sales & Marketing

With LinkedIn, you can utilize your connections and the Sales Navigator section of LinkedIn Premium to sell your product or services to a specific, targeted audience. With Sales Navigator, you can find people based on their employment history, current professional situation, and various other factors. Once you narrow down the list to your target audience, you can start a conversation with them about your services. With this strategy, you can aim your business toward a direct consumer utilizing their career as a unique selling point that makes doing your business that much easier. You can directly message them and convert connections into sales.


Drip Campaigns

Our LinkedIn Sales Navigator strategy explicitly allows our clients to connect with those who might be the best fit for our clients' services based on their professional status and relationships. Within the system, we create unique messaging for each client that emulates their voice, articulates their desire to connect, and highlights what they offer. In addition, we set up our innovative Linkedin CRM to streamline the sales process. Automated messages strengthen our engagement rate and help initiate an open and transparent line of dialogue between our clients and their clients.


Audience Retention

You can maintain and grow your client base by creating content, growing an audience, and engaging with that audience. With a consistent brand and an ever-expanding brand awareness, you ensure that your audience not only doesn’t shrink but grows and continues to engage with your content. An audience is important but only when they engage with your content and even more so when they convert into sales. With our strategy, we keep the audience and ensure they’re active in the community your brand builds.


CEO Branding & Build Up

You can use only so many effective online methods to further your business and brand. LinkedIn is the best place if you want to reach out and connect with professionals while also creating a distinct personal brand. At Starbaby, we believe in the power of social media and how it can solidify the message and branding of a business. We want to help our clients control their narrative and navigate the often confusing and complex world of online marketing. And this includes the brand of the CEO. The company needs a face for customers to see when they look at your brand. With the help of effective CEO branding, you can create an individual yet cohesive image with your company.

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