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A brand identity is more than just a logo and an idea; it's comprised of innovative and meaningful attributes that create your brand's personality. These foundational elements become your brand's DNA and amplify what makes you appealing to your target audience.

Every company and business leader has qualities and ideologies that differentiate them from the rest. At Starbaby, we've focused on customizing our creative solutions to highlight better what distinguishes a company from its competition.

Our 360-degree holistic marketing campaigns use a consistent brand identity that clearly and authentically showcases the personality of your business. We amplify your brand message, company values, and what you want people to experience when engaging with your company.

Services include; Brand audit, competitor analysis, identifying goals & target market, packaging, design, business logo & color scheme, brand story development, brand voice, and marketing materials.


Branding Goals: A comprehensive brand package, brand guidelines on the specific tone & voice of the company, authentic message that connects directly to your desired audience.


Businesses that utilize a holistic marketing approach are more successful due to their uniform message and identifying materials that align customers with their company and its goals.


Branding is about telling a story - What's Yours?

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Brand Strategy

After a thorough look with a brand audit, we create a customized brand package that includes your company voice, tone, brand guidelines, critical messaging statements, competitor analysis, and brand guidelines. This is to create a cohesive, consistent, and comprehensive brand profile that becomes a foundation for all future strategies.


Competitor Analysis

A comprehensive analysis report of your company’s leading competitors to identify and compare market placement. It outlines the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, a breakdown of your target market, highlighted SEO phrases and keywords, a social media audit, and an analysis of competitor messaging, products, and services.


Brand Audit

Our brand strategy assessment, or "brand audit," is a review of all company's materials, including; brand colors, story, website, social media, and messaging. It will identify any inconsistencies in brand expression or if there is a misalignment in messaging and target audience. It will provide a better sense of your brand and why the customer should care.



Visual communication is just as important as written communication. Our full-service design department will help you catch your customers' attention with eye-catching brand materials. Our design materials include graphics for product or service highlights, social media, advertising, email blasts, blogs, packaging, logo, and infographics. In addition, if you're looking to evolve or update your existing branding materials, we will help take your brand to the next level.

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