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The final step in our 360-degree marketing and development strategy is Conversion. You’ve embarked on a mission to find the best marketing campaign because you are looking for a solution that generates quality leads. 

At Starbaby, we create both customer acquisition and conversion strategies to work in tandem as a 360-degree sales solution.

In the Conversion stage of our three-pronged strategy, we structure a solid acquisition strategy, that provides hands-on support in handling the customer prospect from the entry point of the funnel to closing the sale. The goal = closing the pipeline. 

Our team structures an acquisition strategy that precisely targets your desired audience and is easy to maintain. 

In parallel, we create a structured conversion strategy that establishes a great customer experience and is easy to manage.

We take strict care of handling customer leads for our clients and delivering quality results. Whether it’s booking more meetings, creating company partnerships, or closing the lead with our in-house sales team - whatever your conversion goals are, we will deliver with the utmost care. 



We handle your direct sales from customer acquisition to conversion, turning new customers or “browsers” into repeat buyers.

Set up a time today to discuss your sales goals with one of our business development architects.


Here are some of the customer acquisition and conversion services that we implement on behalf of the companies, individuals, and brands we serve:


  • Customer acquisition and conversion

  • Integrating our in-house sales/customer service team and project manager

  • LinkedIn Sales Training  

  • Linkedin drip campaigns for potential leads and partners

  • Hands-on direct messaging to prospect clients and booking meetings

  • Managing Your Sales Pipeline from the first point of entry to the closing

  • Click Funnel Set-up Management with static landing pages

  • V.A management and client outreach

  • Building your database and email list

  • Email Marketing Campaigns and CRM management

  • Customized CRM solutions and integration with your website

Starbaby is a communications agency that specializes in marketing, business development, and content creation, with an extensive network in the realms of media, tech, and lifestyle industries.

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