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Conversation is the second step in our 360-degree marketing strategy, focusing on customer engagement, authentic communication, and maximizing campaign performance with proactive and reactive systems.


An impactful 360 marketing solution is a people-first system for your content marketing. We created our three-pronged holistic approach to solve our previous strategies' lack of personalized customer touchpoints. 


We discovered a significant problem in the world of digital marketing trends from our client's perspective. There was the idea that social media, influencers, advertising, and viral content - are the only ways to garner traffic for your business. Consumers have gained more control over their customer experience in today's world. The reality is that the archaic method of generating brand awareness is as good as throwing something on the wall and hoping it sticks.

In step 2 of our 360-degree marketing strategy, we humanize your brand by direct communication with customers, leads, and prospects. 

Due to an over-saturation in the social media space, businesses need new ways to increase trust, establish trends, understand consumer behavior, and meaningfully connect with their target audience. 

The conversation stage drives engagement to generate customer steerage. It's no longer about broad mass marketing but personalized messaging and community building. 

​At Starbaby, we focus on innovative community and network-building platforms such as; LinkedIn, Discord, Reddit, Quora, and Facebook Groups.

Now that we've created the content, it's time to drive traffic and activate it.



Building a better relationship with your audience involves active listening, effective feedback, learning about their needs, and saying what your customers think and feel. Know your network more personally with direct communication and authentic interactions. As leaders in direct engagement and growth, we provide you with the community-building tools that drive success.


Here are some of the unique direct marketing and community building strategies that we utilize on behalf of the companies, individuals, and brands we serve:


  • Building a Presence - Whether it’s building your business or CEO’s profile on LinkedIn or developing your brand’s server on Discord, we have the tools to get your presence noticed. Other services include; Reddit Boards & Sub-reddit management, Discord Community maintenance, social profile development & design.


  • Catering to Your Audience - One of the leading benefits of our 360 degree marketing strategy is our ability to get the data we need to help you know your network. Utilizing platforms such as LinkedIn, Reddit, or Discord, provide quality information. By actively listening to what and how individuals discuss your brand gives us the truth when it comes to your audience’s needs, wants, likes, dislikes, and desires. 


  • Group Creation & Management - Expanding your network by creating focused groups in LinkedIn and Facebook. This is a great way to stay connected with current customers as well as attract professionals who are interested in the specific topics or services you offer. By utilizing existing groups, we can generate leads and drive traffic to your website or other platforms. 


  • Growing Your Network - Direct engagement with your targeted audience with our organic growth strategy for the leading social media platforms; LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. This will help grow your audience with real followers and increase traffic to your content. To sustain steady growth and audience retention, we stay engaged with your current followers, connetions, and subscribers. We also utilize cross-platform strategies to amplify and build out other social pages or website traffic.  


  • Brand Credibility - By directly connecting with your audience we can build strong relationships with your customers and in turn they become advocates for the brand. These connections provide authentic feedback, share posts, engage with your content, and endorse your skills. Through community based applications such as Reddit, Discord, Quora, we are able to widen your outreach beyond social media and build a reputable reputation.


  • Direct Sales -  Launching innovative LinkedIn Drip Campaigns for direct messaging and sales for customer management, launching a sales funnel, or building new partnerships. Automating customer interaction through messaging, liking, following, posts, and commenting on all platforms. Platforms like LinkedIn or Reddit are great places to generate quality leads by promoting real conversation and exclusive offerings.

Starbaby is a communications agency that specializes in marketing, business development, and content creation, with an extensive network in the realms of media, tech, and lifestyle industries.

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