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Content marketing is more than just articles and social media posts. It’s about creating quality content that establishes your company as an industry expert.


Our Starbaby team of content creators are experienced copywriters, designers, video editors, and brand experts. In addition, we work directly with our clients to provide support and advice throughout the content creation process. 


Quality content can be the difference between brand awareness and brand dilution.


Let us take over the responsibility of content development, creation, and management - you can focus on what you do best - building the best business for your customers.


Services include; social media posts, newsletters, blog articles, website content, marketing materials, audio, visual, and text-heavy assets.  


Content Creation Goals: increase brand awareness, drive organic traffic, land new customers, build your audience, and define your brand/business/company as the industry authority.



To increase the success of our 360-degree marketing campaigns, we develop a content marketing calendar to organize and manage your original assets, social media, PR strategies, and blog releases.

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Social Media

The truth is that social media is one of the most important, powerful, and influential resources for digital marketing and research. When used strategically over time, the strength of social media influence has a powerful impact on your target audience. Social media marketing strategy is the art of creating content and curating content that generates results. Social media is one of the best ways for customers to engage with companies by connecting with content directly. It’s a powerful 24/7 amplifier that distributes your message - how you want when you want, and where you want.


Blog Articles

It’s one thing to get the attention of your target audience; it’s another thing to keep it. The importance of consistently creating quality content is to keep potential leads on-page for as long as possible. Blogging is a unique tool that can establish yourself or your business as an authority and industry expert. We ensure that all blogs are imbued with high ranking SEO keywords, phrases, and topics that will attract your desired customer base. Blogs also build trust with your audience by creating content that has real value, meaningful messaging, and support.



Video marketing has become the leading and most effective form of content marketing in a world where content is king. Everything from uploading videos on your website, video ads on Facebook, or even having a presence on youtube - is a great way to expand your brand reach. Creating interactive, educational, or entertaining videos will keep potential and current customers engaged.



Connecting with potential and existing customers isn’t just social video or blog articles. A whole landscape of content encourages your customers to seek out other content you’re distributing. For example, webinars, courses, live virtual events, speaking engagements, and live streaming can become PR opportunities or, in some cases, new possibilities to increase revenue.

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